About Us

Animation is a fascinating field with its possibilities limited only by the artist’s creativity and imagination. What with its powerful tools and high flexibility, animation can depict just about anything, real or unreal, with amazing clarity and detail.

Medical Animation, a comparatively new branch, applies this wonderful concept to various medical topics to make learning easier, comprehensive and fun.

Sometimes, in the study of difficult topics in Science and Technology, still images and lengthy explanations fail to give a clear picture of the subject matter. In such cases, 3D animation can act as a valuable learning aid. Its effectiveness has been so widely accepted that now it finds application in pharmaceutics, aerospace industry, medical field and more.

We, at DC Infotech employ the art of Animation to explain Science and take scientific education to the next level. Development of 3D Medical Animation to meet educational and social requirements of the medical professionals forms our main focus area. Our team of qualified professionals takes care of every step involved in the development of visual solutions, right from its conceptualization to the finished product. We also develop 2D flash animations and interactive media for various web and promotional purposes.

Our innovative concept named ‘Meditoonics’ helps in patient education through animated cartoons. Content development for medical students and professionals is another service that we offer.