Medical Animation

Medical Animation is an emerging field which makes use of computer-assisted illustrations, animations and other latest techniques to assist better understanding of medical principles.

DC Infotech is well-known for its high quality 3D medical animation products. Our services are extensively sought by medical professionals, hospitals and pharmaceuticals to portray various functions and activities of the human body.

For instance, 3D animation is the best way to describe how a drug interacts with the complex mechanisms on entering the human body and to understand the Mechanism of Action (MOA) of the drug. 3D Animation makes it possible to analyze this in detail- from the exterior perspective of a transparent human, from within as we follow the drug’s effect on particular organs, to the cellular level and finally to the intracellular level.

The duration of a medical animation film is typically 2-4 minutes. In order to give it the desired result and enhance its efficacy, sound effects and voice-over are integrated into the animations.

Also, surgeons find medical animation useful in pre-planning surgeries.